Burnout to Balance

What is Burnout?
Anna Claessen knows, since she sufferered burnout after working too much. Memory loss, no loss for life and was bedridden. She refused to stay that way and seeked help. Now she wants to help others. 

She finished her coaching degree from the University of Reykjavik in 2018 and took NBI, Gong sound healing and Reiki healing diplomas in 2019. She has worked three times as a Dale Carnegie Assistant and partook in a lot of seminars like Optimize Performance and RTT hypnosis and read all self help books she could find. 


She has been a Public Speaker since she was the youngest lecturer in the University of Iceland in 1999. She even received a standing ovation in "Auður í krafti kvenna" and Alþjóða Geðheilbrigðisdeginum.

She can discuss matters like Burnout, Bullying, Depression to positive psychology, coaching, owning a business, work study abroad, different cultures and life in Hollywood. Her life in a nutshell.


Booking go through: anna.claessen@gmail.com 

© Anna Claessen


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