Anna Claessen started dancing at the age of 4 and has 10 years competitive ballroom dancing experience. She has taught different styles of dancing and performed around the world since age 16.   
Anna created Dans og Kúltúr alongside Friðrik Agni Árnason, which plans dance trips abroad, ,organizes dance parties at Hard Rock among other things. They teach Zumba and Jallabina at World Class, Kramhúsið and perform all over the world. 
​Anna teaches Beyonce, Broadway, Bollywood, brúðarvals, Disco, zumba, jallabina, latin /ballroom, Michael Jackson, salsa, kizomba, bachata and more.
Anna has been a DJ in birthdays, weddings,  and other parties. She takes requests and reads the room.  She can also teach the crowd some dance moves which drives people to the dance floor. She also does MC gigs, but most popular is booking her in everything, MC/DJ and dance. Guaranteed fun!
Anna has acted in movies, TV-shows, commercials and music videos, like  How to Get Away with Murder, Ófærð, Blindspot, Aquatic Effect, Der Island Krimi, Fyrir Framan Annað Fólk ,Flateyjargátan, Stelpurnar, Pabbahelgar, Ráðherrann, Góðir Landsmenn, Gullregn and advertisements for Íslandsbanki, Orville, Icelandair, Bláa Lónið, Samgöngustofa and Síminn. She starred as a zombie in Hatari ´s music video "Engin miskunn" and got the lead role in Vintage Caravan music video "Crazy Horses". See her credits on IMDB
Anna surprised everyone and started doing stand-up at the The Secret Cellar and Gaukurinn .
Anna has been singing since she can remember. She has an Associates degree in Vocal Performance from Musicians Institute in Hollywood. 
Anna released her own music (similar to Celine Dion and Mandy Moore) but then expanded her horizons with her band Anna and the Bells, which was inspired by Heart, Motown, Beatles, and more.
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Anna sings in weddings, birthdays, and other parties and events. She also dresses up as characters like Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit,and more. 

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