Anna Claessen

"I make my dreams come true and help others do the same"

As a Coach she helps people during the day but entertains people at night as a DJ/MC, dancer, actress and singer. Teaches dance in her part time because there is nothing that she loves more than to spread the joy of dance alongside Friðrik Agni in their venture Dans og Kúltúr.

One word: Multitalented!



"I highly recommend Anna as a coach. After only two times she was able to dig up an old dream about how I wanted to live life that I had completely set aside because I believed I couldn´t reach them. She made me believe in myself and say goodbye to those negative voices in my head.  Instead of thinking I can´t, I think why can I not. Thank you Anna! " 
​Þórdís Hermannsdóttir

Beyonce Empowerment

“The girls left with a smile on their face. Anna was great, so encouraging, positive and put a lot of emphasis on empowerment, which was brilliant. We highly recommend her.”


"Anna is cheerful, fun and keeps up the mood as a DJ. She read s the room and plays great music. She is also a fantastic dancer, shows dance moves and teaches others. And yes, she sings as well. Anna is very talented. I highly recommend her. A total Pro.  
Sigríður Steingrímsdóttir



"I highly recommend this interesting artist as an MC since she is everything the job entails, sincere, cheerful, but above all happy and has the power to draw people into her exciting world.

Steinar Svan Birgisson


"I´ve hired Anna for multiple events and it´s always fun.  Everyone leaves with a big smile on their faces, happy to have stepped outside their comfort zone.She is really good at getting everyone to participate and the atmosphere is fantastic. 

I highly recommend booking her ASAP. You won´t regret it. She is so talented. She just asks: What do you want and helps you out with a smile on her face.
Eygló Lilja Haraldsdóttir


"Anna´s zumba classes are so fun. She is a phenomenal dancer and teacher. Makes you leave the class smiling and laughing.
Good for body and soul. " Helga Braga


“Samskip has been lucky enough to have Anna Claessen as a zumba teacher. She has shown joy and made everyone fall in love with zumba. Each class was an experience, in fact so much that we forgot time and place and just enjoyed the music and movement. “
Ólöf Ragnheiður Ólafsdóttir

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